Liquid Gold Celebration

Liquid Gold Celebration

I know it has been a while since I last posted BUT – it was for a good reason. The wonderful organization that I work for has been pushing great events out to the community and I’m thrilled to announce one that I am so honored to host! As you read this next line...

Show Off Your Breastmilk

Show Off Your Breastmilk

Hi folks!!! I am happy to see that you have chosen again to visit my blog! Today’s topic will explore the issue that I have faced in counseling mothers that have chosen to give their precious little one “liquid gold”. How will I give myself the best chance to...

Has Breastfeeding Ever Crossed Your Mind?

Has Breastfeeding Ever Crossed Your Mind?

Welcome to Family Solutions and my newly launched blog about breastfeeding. I’m Romaine *smile* My blog and future posts are going to center around how we feed our babies. You may or may not agree with my views, but please be assured that I am not attacking you, your...



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