Welcome to Family Solutions and my newly launched blog about breastfeeding. I’m Romaine *smile*

My blog and future posts are going to center around how we feed our babies. You may or may not agree with my views, but please be assured that I am not attacking you, your choices, or your opinions. I want to first state that breastfeeding NEVER crossed my mind until I became pregnant. My son would launch a journey that would last 16 years and counting and would shape my personal breastfeeding experience and that also lead to my becoming a Certified Lactation Consultant.

So I am someone who for whatever reason, maybe cultural or social reasons, never had any experience growing up witnessing our being told that breastmilk what the ‘best milk’ so it was totally new to me when I was introduced to information regarding breast feeding while in the hospital and that sparked my interest. First, it was a free service that I would not have to spend money on or wake up in the middle of the night to warm bottles and such so I was pretty much sold from that vantage point. And then when they added in the health benefits for my precious son I was all in.

However, I faced many challenges starting out that will allow me to join in on your anger and frustrations if you felt circumstances prevented you from meeting your breastfeeding goals. Some of the challenges I faced were low milk supply to bleeding cracked nipples due to not being correctly informed about latching methods and preventive measures BUT I did not let that discourage me and I held on for 9 months! This led to my passion for wanting to teach other women about breastfeeding and to somehow give informed consent to allow you to choose what you feel is best. Undermining and downplaying its normality is a trend that I see not only in the South but in commercials and other means of advertising. I also believe when you have knowledge that you we seek help when breastfeeding doesn’t work, or you will seek preventive action so that breastfeeding WILL work. This is not a trendy behavior or lifestyle choice but something that is biologically normal and you can find support with our agency and I can personally assist you! I would love to hear your story behind how you became interested in breastfeeding!